Partner in Open Source

Colize is an association by and for independent Open Source providers, where both the members and their customers can
fall back on the association for expertise and resources or in
the case of a dispute.

Companies that offer Open Source often run into prejudices from (potential) customers:
  • It's unsafe
  • It's too cheap to be good
  • It's too difficult
  • It's unreliable
  • no continuity
The providers of Open Source often run into problems:
  • Where do I get up-to-date product knowledge?
  • How do I fulfill larger orders?
  • Who can I discuss with about good solutions?
  • Who can back me up?

For all this Colize has the solution

Colize is an association for Open Source providers. There are several benefits for members of Colize:
  • Discounts when purchasing from partners of Colize
  • Regular product training
  • Quality assurance is achieved by certification
  • Regular informative briefings
  • A knowledge base matrix, in which members expertise and certifications are stored
  • Standardized documents of installation and implementation